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Frequently Asked Questions

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Imvu is a 3D chat program. You can have your own 3D Avatar. Join HERE .

It is a virutal currency for Imvu. You can use it to buy clothes and other cool things such as, Hair, Eyes, Skin, Head etc.

ImvuZone is a website that gives us free credits to IMVU users.

As much as you can. You can earn up to 10,000 IMVU credits each day from ImvuZone.

Yes, credits are given away for free. We can do it because in order to earn credits from here you will have to fill out some easy surveys and
our sponsors pay little commision for it. We use the commisions to buy imvu credits and give you credits for free.

Actually you have to complete first 3-5 pages of each survey. When it says to buy anything that means you have reached the end of survey.
Close it and check, how much you have earned. Not all surveys pay, so try the next survey if one did not give you any credits.

Register an account here and follow the instructions. You can register from HERE.

Simple, delete your wrong account from HERE then create a new account with correct Avatar name.

We will send the credits to your imvu account as Gift. It usually takes about 2-3 days, but sometime it might take (4-5 dayss) because we send credits manually to too many people at the same time.

That means currently there is not enough offers for your country. But once the surveys are available for your country you can complete them and earn points.